Report Stagione 2015

  • Rapporto Stagione 2015

An early start after a mild almost frostless winter, abundant rain in the winter and spring, the first heat wave in late may, then 10 weeks of very hot weather between mid-july and mid-august .
Then mild fall weather with just the right amount of rain.
Easy? With Sangiovese no season is easy, but definitely one of the best in years.
Extremely healthy grapes, almost no use for the sorting table!
Abundant harvest, 6-7,3 tons /ha in mature vineyards, very even phenolic maturation, good color, alcohol levels between 12,8 and 14,5%; higher than usual PH’s.
Harvest between september 9 and october 14. Typical for the last decade.
High yield with great quality! An unusual combination in the past that is becoming more typical because of the extreme change in climate.
2015 reminds me of 2011 (high yield+high quality) but with the cooler fall of 2010! The best of both.
A final note, the olive harvest also was a record sized crop, and exceptional quality.
Roberto Stucchi Prinetti

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