Badia a Coltibuono

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  • 18/10/2012
    Derrick young
    What a magical place! In the morning sunshine we gazed down on the plain below, shrouded in mist, and felt we were in a scene from Lord of the Rings. In the evening we gazed up at more layers of stars than I think I've ever seen before. Total tranquillity, spacious apartment, delicious wine and a marvellous restaurant. We loved it.
  • 16/10/2012
    Thank you so much to everyone at Badia a Coltibuono, you have created the perfect venue in a beautiful setting. I can't wait to return...
  • 5/10/2012
    Peace and Great Service!
    Although our stay was brief, we felt right at home in no time. If you can't relax here, there is no hope for your. The food is wonderful and the wine is just as special. Most of all though, the staff is very accommodating and courteous. We plan to return.
  • 1/10/2012
    This year in September I visited Badia A Bontibuono second time. Wonderful place and I know definitely that I will come back very soon, most probably next year. Excellent food,vine,accomodation!!! No comments!!! I have to come back! All the best to the whole staff!
  • 24/9/2012
    Our stay in Badia a Coltibiono
    We spent 3 nights with our friends in your hotel. What a wonderfull time! very romantic place, with perfect people, very good meal and wine. We will come back. Special regards to your cats and dogs ( especially to small Buono).
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