Organic agriculture Tuscany Chianti

Working with nature

The decision of not using herbicides or insecticides was the start in 1985 of the conversion to organic practices. We then selected the 600 vines of our own special massal selection, and in 1988 we began the renewal of the vineyards. Over the years the organic approach has become more successfully integrated in our farm and in 1994 the olive groves were certified, followed in 2000 by the vineyards. Managing cover-crop, composting and increasing biodiversity are the most essential components of a truly sustainable organic approach. This increases the health of the soil, which in turn promotes better quality, higher yields as well as protecting the health of the workers and the environment. A live and healthy soil also makes the wines more vibrant and help express their unique character. Today the Delinat guidelines extend the organic practices to all aspects of production and the creation of the Biodistretto del Chianti launches a challenge to expand to all of the Chianti Classico territory the benefit of sustainable organic farming.


For centuries the vineyards of the medieval Badia a Coltibuono have been primarily in Monti, the most southern part of Gaiole in Chianti. Our Sangiovese from massal selections thrives in the limestone clay loams, at 270 to 330 m asl, where it finds ideal growing conditions. The blending of small quantities of Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo and Colorino, as well as the more recent introduction of Mammolo, Fogliatonda, Malvasia Nera, Pugnitello and Sanforte reinforce the unique character of our wines. The challenges of climate change drives us to continuously adapt our practices while maintaining the unique character of the wines of Badia a Coltibuono.

The Monti Winery

Built in 1997 with the design of a modern fortress, but with great attention to the landscape and to environmental principles, the Monti winery was designed to best express the complexity, elegance and uniqueness of Badia a Coltibuono’s wines. The grapes are delicately processed by gravity-flow, punchdown pistons guarantee a soft skin contact and all the process is carefully monitored for optimum results.

Olive groves

Surrounded by the forests on the slopes of the Monti del Chianti just below Badia a Coltibuono our olive groves benefit from the cool climate and the healthy environment. At altitudes around 1500 ft asl the plants of the traditional Tuscan varieties give oils with herbal and fresh aromatic notes. The olives are always picked at the ideal maturation point and milled within hours; this gives the oils their distinctive peppery note on the palate and with extremely high levels of polyphenols that confer their outstanding antioxidant properties and exceptional flavor.

for Organic Winegrowing

Delinat Guidelines
for Organic Winegrowing, Organic Winemaking and Social Standards

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