Online courses

Online kitchen party

We offer a two hour program together to realize a menu of one appetizer course and one main course with several side dishes.

We can adapt our recipes to your necessities, according to ingredients that can be easily and locally available. During the two hours, we will give practical demonstrations of procedures and answers to all of your questions.

In order to remain personal and most helpful we will establish online connections, maxi 5/6 at the time, we preferably would like to engage in the same connection people from the same area. In every connected kitchen there can be a small number of people attending and working with us. For that reason, the recipes we send including a list of ingredients in quantities sufficient to prepare for 2, 4 and 6 diners. Recipes and ingredient lists will be sent in advance in order to give adequate time to source and purchase the ingredients.

Following is a proposed sample menu:

Appetizer: Vegetarian lasagne with artichokes, asparagus green peas, and young spinach.

Main course: Lamb ribs with fennel sauce.

Sides: Sweet and sour onions.

Roasted potatoes & bay leaves.

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