Wine and Olive oil at Coltibuono through centuries

Wine and Olive oil at Coltibuono through centuries
Badia a Coltibuono

Evidence from the Etruscan excavation site on the property testifies to production of Wine and Oil dating back 2.500 years.
From late medieval foundation in Medieval the monks dedicated great attention to developing the cultivation of both vines and olive trees.
In 1476 the quality of Coltibuono’s product is mentioned in a letter exchange between Baccio Ugolini and Lorenzo dé Medici: the “ vermiglio “ ( red wine) “ is here the best, the white wine too is superior or at least equal to Vallombrosa’s wines”.
17th Century documents gathered in the national archives , register elaborate trading activity with wines , olive oil ,charcoal, and chestnuts, directed to Florence.

In 1810, when Tuscany was under Napoleonic rule, the monks were forced to leave Coltibuono and the monastic properties were counted: 40 barrels that could contain up to 1500 barrels of wine,and 76 barrels for the olive oil.

The estate was first sold by lottery and then in 1846, Coltibuono was bought by the present owner’s family. Since then , every generation has engaged in investments dedicated to grow building a solid reputation in Italy and abroad through the high quality of its products.


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